Saturday, May 1, 2010

And we're back...

Back to the whole finance issue -

They struck the list of suggestions; they substituted: Refer to the Board of the Directors and Finance Committee, development of policies, procedures and/or rules as appropriate relating to fiscal planning and financial reporting.  President St. Peter informed the body that this was already being planned and launches at the board meeting tomorrow.

But we still had to vote to refer it. And we did and it was referred.

The final new business item was withdrawn because it was so similar to the previous one!

It's 3:52 p.m. and we're done with new business!

The president of PSA, Kelly Morris-Adair, then awarded the "Official of the Year" to Gale Tanger.  Kelly is finishing up her term this year, but will now be the PSA representative to the USFS board.

What's left? The budget! Susan Keogh presented by the budget and then Lucy Brennan got up and asked to have $100,000 from the operations budget, specifically staff salaries. Morry Stillwell called it unfair burden to the staff and asked to vote down the request. Voted down!! and Lucy, if your skating magazine is late in arrival, don't be surprised.

George Rossano wanted to know if they could defray some of the capital projects such as the new membership database for a couple of years. Another bad idea - USFS is decades behind in technology and developing a database isn't inexpensive. He moved to push the $$ for the membership database software out another year. ($500K) Voted down! and George, if your membership record is lost when the database finally dies, you shouldn't be surprised!

And after all that, we approved the budget!!

Nominating Report:
Dann got up and read the list of the board members being elected.
Athletes elected to the board: Lindsey Weber, Mark Ladwig, Brandon Forsyth and I missed one of the names. sorry....
Committee chairs were approved by the President.
USOC rep: Charlie Cyr & ISU rep: Gale Tanger

New nominating committee members:
Elliot Schwartz, Anne Cammet, Kim Moore, Kathleen Krieger, Larry Kriwanek  & Phil Deaver
Athletes: Kathleen Renzie, Lindsey Weber, Angela Nikodenov (I know I spelled that wrong)

Finally we got to see the Haydenettes World Performance - very cool! 

We adjourned at 4:48 pm! Yeah!

Is it time for the President's Reception?  Yep!


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